JN4X Series JIC Enclosures

JN4X Series JIC Enclosures

Adalet offers two design of the NEMA Type 4X JIC enclosure:
• JN4XHSS - Continuous Hinge Clamped Cover Enclosure
• JN4XSS - Lift-Off Clamp Cover

Adalet's NEMA Type 4X enclosures are available in Type 304 and 316L stainless steel with a brushed finish. The enclosure has continuously welded seams ground to a smooth finish. It also comes complete with four 10-32 weld nuts (for mounting optional panels). Grounding studs are provided on the inside of the box and door. Wall mounting back brackets are welded on the top and bottom outside. The JN4XHSS cover is sealed with a closed cell, silicone foam in place gasket and is secured to the enclosure with a continuous stainless steel piano hinge on one side and stainless steel door clamping hardware on three sides. There are no knock-outs or holes in the cover or body A hardware kit is included.

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Standard Features
Corrision resistant electrical enclosure
Continuous hinge (removable hinge pin)
 Closed-cell, silicone foam in place gasket
• Wall mounting flange/feet
• Watertight urethane gasket
• Stainless steel clamps and screws
• Four #10-32 weld nuts for optional mounting panel
• Grounding studs on inside of box and cover

Enclosure Design Options
• Painted steel and stainless steel mounting panels
• Laser cut entries or cut-outs
• Terminal blocks or other component assembly
• Swing panel / dead front panel
• Padlock provisions
• Quick release latches
• Epoxy paint or powder coating
• Custom sizes
• 12 gauge material thickness

• 12 and 14 gauge / Type 304 stainless steel
• Stainless steel hardware
• #3 / #4 brushed finish
JN4-060404 PDF DWG
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