Adalet Pharmaceutical Enclosures Help You Achieve Operational Excellence

With 80 years of experience and expertise in electrical enclosures, Adalet is dedicated to helping the pharmaceutical industry achieve operational excellence. With so much at stake in the pharmaceutical industry, we understand that it is critical to utilize equipment that has been specifically designed to withstand the challenges inherent in your environment in order to maximize instrument life, optimize production processes and minimize maintenance.

Adalet manufactures a vast range of pharmaceutical enclosures, and our application engineers are readily available to help you tailor the product to your specific application needs. You can rely on our pharmaceutical enclosures to keep your controls, equipment and people safe. When you enter into a partnership with us, we guarantee you the following. 

Delivery. Adalet offers flexibility in enclosure design and makes quick, nimble reactions to your requests. We understand pharmaceutical applications are time-sensitive. As a niche player in a global market, our manufacturing department is the epitome of efficiency, keeping quick deliveries a high priority.

Quality. Adalet manufactures high quality pharmaceutical enclosures that you can depend on. Whether you choose a stock product or request a customized product, we guarantee you it will be not only best-in-class, but also cost effective.

Certified. Adalet products have a broad range of agency certifications and approvals including UL, cUL, CSA, FM and ATEX, and are manufactured to the most current domestic and international design standards, including IEC, IECEx, NEC, NSF and NEMA Type 1 through Type 13.


Featured Pharmaceutical Enclosures

Adalet explosion proof enclosures and custom ATEX and Increased Safety Enclosures can help you safely protect pharmaceutical electronics and other important equipment. 


N$X Series Single Door Enclosures

N4X Series Single Door Enclosures

The stainless steel single door wall-mount enclosure can be used indoors or outdoors to house items such as pilot devices, electronic or electrical controls, insturmentation systems and hydraulic, pnewmatic and machine tool controls. They are ideal for applications with frequent high pressure hosing and severe corrosion problems.


AVSS Series Quarter Turn Latch Enclosures 

AVSS Series Quarter Turn Latch Enclosures

Victory Series enclosures feature a streamlined design with a flush door and latches that accomodate any electrical or electronic application. 


JN4X Series JIC Enclosures

JN4X Series JIC Enclosures

The JN4X series enclosures are available in two designs: continuous hinge clamped cover enclosure and lift-off clamp cover. 


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Adalet Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions Driving Customer Results

A large manufacturer of sterilization and contamination control uses Adalet Type 4X stainless steel enclosures to house displays and control systems for use in areas where frequent wash down are required. Adalet stainless steel enclosures provide a Type 4X watertight enclosure suitable where hose-directed wash down is required for a sanitary, sterile environment.