With over 89 years of experience, a wide portfolio of chemical industry soltuions, and expertise in electrical enclosures, Adalet is the right partner for you. Whether a small laboratory or a large plant, Adalet's reliable chemical enclosures can help you reduce risk and costs, and optimize production processes. 


Adalet industrial enclosures are ready to install or can be customized to your exact application. Fit for industrial automation and electrical system protection, our industrial enclosures provide safety, efficiency and reliability in extreme environmental conditions. 

Oil and Gas

Adalet oil and gas enclosures help you maximize the operation and life cycle of electrical controls and equipment. From corrosive chemicals and cleaning sprays to driving rains and scorching heat, Adalet oil and gas enclosures are built to withstand extreme environments. 


With so much at stake in the pharmaceutical industry, we understand that it is critical to utilize equipment that has been specifically designed to withstand the challenges inherent in your environment in order to maximize instrument life, optimize production processes and minimize maintenance. Adalet manufactures a vast range of pharmaceutical enclosures, and our application engineers are readily available to help you tailor the product to your specific application needs.