Adalet offers the most extensive line of industrial enclosures for hazardous and rugged industrial applications. From standard stock product to modified and custom enclosures, you’ll find what you need here. We understand that electrical enclosures are an extremely important part of your business, from protecting employees to sustaining the proper functions of power equipment. The electrical enclosures built by Adalet can be counted on for durability and long life.

Quality Products

Our industrial enclosures are manufactured in a variety of materials, sizes, and types. We also offer a variety of explosion proof fittings, accessories, and instrument and meter housings – all at a competitive price.

Our products include a broad range of agency certifications and approvals. They are suitable for NEMA type 1 through NEMA type 13 applications, and are manufactured to the most current domestic and international design standards.

Quality Service

Adalet’s sales and application engineers have decades of specialized electrical enclosure experience, and are ready to solve your unique industrial enclosure application requirements. Contact us today or locate a rep near you.

  1. VH4X

    Increased Safety (Ex e) Enclosures

  2. Explosionproof & Dust-Ignition Proof Enclosures

    Explosionproof & Dust-Ignition Proof Enclosures

  3. Instrument Housings 2017

    Explosionproof Instrument & Meter Housings

  4. Explosion Proof Equipment

    Explosionproof Operating Devices

  5. Explosion Proof Fittings

    Explosionproof Fittings

  6. Explosion Proof Motor Control

    Explosion Proof Motor Control

  7. Dust-Tight & Explosion Proof Panelboards

    Explosionproof Panelboards