We know safety is the number one priority in hazardous industrial locations. That’s why Adalet has developed a full line of explosion proof heavy-duty pilot lights, pushbuttons and selector switches with uncompromising attention to the highest safety standards.

Whether you need a pushbutton or an explosion proof switch, Adalet guarantees you a durable and dependable product, made to withstand even the harshest environments. Our engineering department is always available to assist you in developing custom products tailored to your application. Contact a sales rep to speak with an experienced application engineer, or view our product certifications

  1. Operator Protective Boots

    Operator Protective Boots

  2. Legend Plate and Guarded Pilot Light

    Legend Plates

  3. Explosion-proof & Dust-tight Push Buttons (non-illuminated)

    Explosion-proof & Dust-tight Push Buttons (non-illuminated)

  4. Illuminated Push Button

    Illuminated Push Button / Push-to-Test Operators

  5. Dual Push Button Operator Or Maintained Contact Unit

    Dual Push Button Operator or Maintained Contact Unit

  6. Selector Switch Operators

    Selector Switch Operators

  7. Keylock Selector Switch Operators

    Keylock Selector Switch Operators

  8. Guarded Pilot Lights

    Guarded Pilot Lights


    Die-Cast Explosionproof Instrument Housings

  10. ATEX Certified LED Pilot Lights

    ATEX Certified LED Pilot Lights

  11. Reset Button Operator

    Reset Button Operator