Adalet’s explosionproof fittings and accessories are available in a wide selection of sizes and configurations. From cable clamps and sealing fittings to conduit junction boxes, our explosion proof accessories offer peace of mind when it comes to safety.

Need a flexible connection for hazardous locations? Check out Adalet's line of explosionproof flexible couplings that make it easy to safely join equipment in hazardous locations where stationary equipment is connected to machinery that moves or vibrates, or where tight spaces require a difficult bend.

Regardless of your application needs, Adalet has the explosionproof fittings you need. Contact a sales rep to help you find the right fitting for your application.

  1. XP Conduit Union

    Explosionproof Conduit Union

  2. Packing Fiber

    ADACO Sealing Cement & Packing Fiber

  3. Explosion-proof and Dust-tight Flexible Couplings

    Explosionproof Flexible Couplings

  4. Combination Breather / Drains

    Combination Breather / Drains

  5. Flame Arrestor Fitting

    Flame Arrestor Fitting

  6. Removeable Plugs

    Hole Plugs