XCPX Series ATEX Control Panels
XCPX Series ATEX Control Panels
XCPX Series ATEX Control Panels

XCPX Series ATEX Control Panels

The Adalet XCPX series ATEX Certified control panels are designed to provide a complete ATEX equipment certificate to final assemblies direct from Adalet without additional third party testing and approvals.  Utilizing our ATEX Certified XCEX flameproof control enclosures, Adalet can fully populate our control enclosures with any CE approved device and provide the engineering services required to certify your final assembly as an ATEX control panel with a complete ATEX Euipment Certificate.

Our Adalet sales engineers will offer you a detailed price quotation based on the specifications unique to your project and scope of services required.  Please contact one of our ATEX control panel consultants to learn more about our services or to inquire about receiving a price quotation for your ATEX control panel requirements.
  1. Product Info
Standard Features
• 80 size available
• Corrosion resistant, copper free aluminum
• Turnkey engineering and panel population / assembly
• Drilled & tapped conduit entries per customer design specifications
• Pre-drilled hinge holes (hinge optional)
• Pre-drilled mounting panel bosses (mounting panel optional)
• Type 4 watertight Nitrile gasket
• High strength steel cover bolts (zinc plated and coated)
• Internal / external grounding screws
• Removable lifting eye bolts (18 x 24 and larger)
• Lid-lifter cover alignment device (18 x 24 and larger)
• Cast-on mounting lugs / feet
• Tumblast, natural aluminum finish
Design Options
• Stainless steel cover bolts for Type 4X additional corrosion protection
• Mounting panels - available in galvanized steel (XSM), aluminum (XSA), or phenolic (XSB)
• Aluminum hinge kits with stainless steel hardware
• Operators and auxiliary devices such as breather / drains and flame arrestors
• Window kits - round (up to 8" viewing diameter) or square / rectangle (up to 13" x 13")
• Custom machining - milling, counter-boring, spot-facing, blind drilled holes, entries, chamfers
• Custom cast-on logos
• Powder and epoxy coating for additional corrosion resistance
• Special mounting provisions
• Enclosure - copper free aluminum (3/10 of 15)
• Cover bolts - steel, zinc plated and coated
• Hinge kits - copper free aluminum with stainless steel hardware
• Mounting panel - galvanized steel, aluminum or phenolic