The Adalet explosionproof panelboard products are designed for use in lighting and appliance branch circuit protection applications in Division 1 hazardous locations. All Adalet explosionproof panelboards are equipped with pad-lockable, external operating handles, copper bus, isolated neutral and ground bar, GFI or EPD breakers, and terminal blocks. Gasket covers provide NEMA 4/4X rated protection for a water tight seal, and stainless steel cover bolts, removeable hinges, and breather / drain are included as standard features.

  1. Division 1_MLO Panelboard

    Lighting Panel - Main Lug Only

  2. Vertical Main Breaker

    Vertical Main Breaker

  3. Back Fed Main Breaker

    Back Fed Main Breaker Panelboard

  4. Division 1 Power Panel

    Power Panel - Main Lug Only