Adalet Chemical Enclosures Help Reduce Risk and Optimize Processes

With over 89 years of experience, a wide portfolio of chemical industry soltuions, and expertise in electrical enclosures, Adalet is the right partner for you. Whether a small laboratory or a large plant, Adalet's reliable chemical enclosures can help you reduce risk and costs, and optimize production processes. 

Adalet is not just your chemical industry solutions supplier. We are your partner. We help you keep chemical operations safe, efficient and reliable. When your controls, equipment and people are in demanding, harsh or hazardous environments, trust Adalet for their protection. We guarantee you'll get the following out of a partnership with us:

Expertise. Adalet engineers have decades of experience to anticipate enclosure needs unique to the chemical industry, and they are ready to solve your custom enclosure application requirements.

Delivery. Adalet offers flexibility in enclosure design and makes quick, nimble reactions to your requests. We understand chemical applications are time-sensitive. As a niche player in a global market, our manufacturing department is the epitome of efficiency, keeping quick deliveries a high priority.

Quality. Adalet manufactures high quality chemical enclosures that you can depend on. Whether you choose a stock product or request a customized product, we guarantee you it will be not only best-in-class, but also cost effective.

Certified. Adalet products have a broad range of agency certifications and approvals including UL, cUL, CSA, FM and ATEX, and are manufactured to the most current domestic and international design standards, including IEC, IECEx, NEC, NSF and NEMA Type 1 through Type 13.


Featured Chemical Enclosures

Adalet explosion proof enclosures and custom ATEX and Increased Safety Enclosures can help you safely protect chemical electronics and other important equipment. 


Explosion Proof Enclosures - XCE Series

Explosion Proof Control Enclosures - XCE Series

These XCE series control enclosures are used for packaging controls, monitoring and measuring electrical-electronic components in enclosures for viewing, and adjusting arching devices in hazardous environments. 



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Adalet Chemical Industry Solutions Driving Customer Results

Using Adalet’s explosionproof instrument enclosures, a large chemical analyzer OEM is able to offer their instruments for use in hazardous and corrosive applications. Used by many instrument OEMs, this particular chemical analyzer OEM uses Adalet instrument enclosures for flow and level sampling, detection, temperature, and analyzing of various chemicals in various environments. Adalet carries the industry’s largest selection of explosionnproof instrument enclosures, and we offer them in both cast aluminum and stainless steel, making us the perfect solution for this OEM.