Adalet Receives GOST-R Certifications for Russian Acceptance





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Cleveland, OH - February 2011 - Adalet increased safety enclosures and operators are now approved for use in Russian applications. Adalet's goal is to ensure our products are tested for global acceptance and use. In keeping with our focus on global approvals, Adalet has recently received the GOST-R certification on our Exe increased safety line of enclosures and operators. The certificate was issued to Adalet by CCVE, a third party testing agency specializing in Russian product certification.

GOST-R is the Russian system of mandatory quality certification for all products produced in or imported to Russia. The GOST-R certification was designed to protect the health and safety of Russia's population by excluding potentially hazardous or unsafe products from entering Russia's commercial space. The registered GOST-R logo demonstrates Adalet's product compliance with quality standards used in Russia.

The GOST-R certification covers all Adalet increased safety products including our TSC4X, TN4X, VC/VH, CN4X, and HV4X enclosure lines as well as our complete line of operating devices.

Adalet, a Scott Fetzer Company, is a leading manufacturer of industrial and hazardous location enclosure systems and cable accessories. We have offered custom modification as well as standard products for more than 85 years. The company holds certification under ISO-9001 International Standards for Quality Management. Adalet markets a broad line of industrial and explosionproof enclosure systems ranging from junction boxes, control stations, instrument and meter housings, increased safety terminal enclosures, panelboards and motor starters to mining couplers, pilot devices, cable fittings and other accessories.


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