Stainless Steel Dead Frontboard Panel

Stainless Steel Dead Front Panelboard

A dead front, swing panel version is available with a swing panel and quick access latches. The dead front, swing panel version isolates the wiring space, wiring gutter, and termination area which would otherwise be exposed when the door is opened. 

  1. Product Info
Standard Features
•  Type 4X, 12 & 13 Enclosed Panelboard
•  Circuit Breaker Operating Handles–aluminum handles (stainless steel handle option available, consult factory) with stainless steel   
    bushings and shafts. V-ring seals, gaskets and sealing nuts provided for water tight seal. Handles are spring loaded allowing for the
    door to be closed with the breaker toggle in any position. GFI/EPD handles are colored green and include external test capabilities.
•  Lockplate provision provides padlocking for each
   individual breaker in either the “on” or “off” position.
•  Individual operating labels identify breaker position (on, off, tripped) the circuit number and breaker amperages.
•  Circuit Directory Holder Card
•  Back Fed Main Breaker Assemblies provided with “Main” Nameplate.