Premier Series Fiberglass Enclosure

Premier Series Fiberglass Enclosure

Adalet's Premier series of fiberglass opaque cover enclosures are ideal when protection from oil, dirt, dust, and water is essential.  Enclosures can be used indoor and outdoor, and include cover as well as 4 cover screws.

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  2. Product Info
Standard Features

•  Ten standard sizes available in clear and opaque covers        
•  Interchangeable covers with various hardware options
•  Panel management provisions
•  Stainless steel hinged cover
•  Integral mounting flange
•  Cover opens full 180°+
•  Poured polyurethane gasket provides water-tight, dust-tight seal
•  Light weight and impact resistant

Design Options

•  Mounting panels
•  Drilled entries and cut-outs available
•  Mounting foot kit
•  Molded in custom colors
•  Silk screening, paint, and decals


•  Hot compression molded fiberglass reinforced polyester
•  Non-corrosive and UV resistant
•  Smooth surface, no color variations, swirls, or color pockets
•  Non-flame propagating and chemical resistant
•  Color described as Light Gray