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PLM products began in 1951 as a supplier of cable accessories for high voltage cables. Although cable couplers had been used in the mining industry, it was not until 1957 when requirements began to develop for voltages higher than 5kV and amperages greater than 200 Ampere, that the first 7.5kV 00 AMP coupler was developed by PLM products.

Published test values backed by a high voltage laboratory and continuous innovations have kept PLM Products, now known as Adalet, as a world leader of cable couplers.


From the beginning, PLM designed couplers to standards subsequently incorporated into mine safety codes in the United States. All PLM couplers are completely metal enclosed with the outer shell grounded to the ground wires in the cable. Couplers are designed so that the first contact to make and last to break is the ground contact. With ground check circuits, the coupler ground check circuit is the last to make and first to break. The ground contact is also grounded to the housing assuring the operator that the coupler is grounded.


Couplers are utilized in underground, strip, and pit operations on every continent in the world, and for coal and hard rock mining operations of every type. Adalet PLM Cable Couplers provide safe, convenient means for connecting portable cable rated up to 15,000 volt and up to 500 Amperes, copper or aluminum conductor to mining equipment, electric shovels, draglines, loaders, bargers, tunneling machines, portable substations, portable junction boxes, or for joining lengths of high voltage cables.

Housings are of rugged, corrosion resistant cast aluminum providing high strength with light weight. Thorough gasketing makes the coupler entirely watertight. Tight fittings covers for plug and socket, protect contacts and insulators from moisture when disconnected. Positive thread engagement of the metal housing prevents accidental disconnecting and insures proper opening and closing sequence. For further safeguard, optional electrical and mechanical (key type) systems are available.

Other Available Couplers

Male/Female assemblies are interchangeable within housings. Specify PF or SM or consult factory. All additional options are available for the above coupler.



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Exploded View Drawings
BPMG 415AQuick-Flip Plug Male Gear Coupler
BPML 415AQuick-Flip Plug Male Line Coupler
BSFG 415AQuick-Flip Socket Female Gear Coupler
BSFL 415AQuick-Flip Socket Female Line Coupler
PMG 415APlug Make Gearmount Coupler (STD.) (QUIK) (1/4-TURN) Threads
PML 415APlug Male Line Coupler (STD.) (QUIK) (1/4-TURN) Threads
SFG 415ASocket Female Gearmount Coupler (STD.) (QUIK) (1/4-TURN) Threads
Socket Female Line Coupler (STD.) (QUIK) (1/4-TURN) Threads



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