Custom Switchrack Assemblies For Industrial and Hazardous Locations


Cleveland, OH - July 2010 - Adalet free standing switchrack and switchgear assemblies provide motor control and distribution assemblies in one complete, integrated package. Designed for use indoors or outdoors, Adalet switchrack assemblies can be designed for hazardous areas where the presence of flammable gases or vapors may be present.

All Adalet assemblies are designed to meet custom specifications and are factory assembled and fully wired to accept field power and load connections. Designed and manufactured under strict quality guidelines, Adalet switchrack assemblies are manufactured at one location by experienced personnel complying with all current code requirements.


Switchracks can be modified to include lighting panels, welding receptacles, drives, soft starters, PLCs, instrumentation, panelboards, and other motor control assemblies. Custom switchrack products are fabricated to meet and exceed our customer's specifications and application.


Adalet, a Scott Fetzer Company, is a leading manufacturer of explosionproof enclosure systems and cable accessories, enclosure thermal management products and industrial NEMA rated sheet metal enclosures and related accessories. We offer custom modification as well as standard products for more than 80 years. The company holds certification under ISO-9001 International Standards for Quality Management. Adalet markets a broad line of industrial and explosionproof enclosure systems ranging from junction boxes, control stations, instrument and meter housings, increased safety terminal enclosures, panelboards and motor starters to mining couplers, pilot devices, cable fittings and other accessories.