Adalet Upgrades Foundry Operations


Cleveland, OH (May 2019) - Adalet is proud to unveil a new, world class, precision molding process and handling system for custom aluminum castings.  Offering maximum speed for small to medium sized castings, Adalet Foundry provides quality castings with quick lead times at competitive prices.

As part of a major capital improvement, the Adalet Foundry has installed a new automatic DISA Matchplate 24/48 automatic molding machine which is part of the new generation of DISA equipment and the first of its size in the USA.  In addition we have also added a complete 72 car mold handling system custom built by Summit Foundry Equipment.

Adalet’s Sand Cast Aluminum Foundry is staffed with a team of committed engineers, designers, and foremen striving to produce customized machined parts to meet our customers’ specifications. Regardless of shape or size, our on-site resources allow us to produce custom aluminum castings for almost any application. When you choose to work with Adalet for your casting needs, we can guarantee quality, customized castings and dedicated customer service. 

Adalet’s well-equipped foundry and pattern shop is located in our 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. This enables us to provide high quality castings for our state-of-the art CNC milling and turning centers. Our in-house pattern shop allows us to create custom patterns or modify existing patterns quickly. Adalet’s on-site rapid prototype machine facilitates the production of ABS plastic, custom prototypes derived from 3-D solid models.

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Adalet, a Scott Fetzer Company, is a leading manufacturer of explosion proof enclosure systems and cable accessories, enclosure thermal management products, and industrial NEMA rated sheet metal enclosures and related accessories. We have been offering custom modifications as well as standard products for more than 85 years. The company holds certification under ISO-9001 International Standards for Quality Management. Adalet markets a broad line of industrial and explosion proof enclosure systems ranging from junction boxes, control stations, instrument and meter housings, increased safety terminal enclosures, panel boards and motor starters to mining couplers, pilot devices, cable fittings and other accessories.