Adalet Offers High Voltage Termination Enclosures for Hazardous Locations


Adalet provides enclosure options for high voltage applications in hazardous locations. The HV4X and XHVX series of high voltage termination enclosures are designed for use in explosionproof / flameproof and increased safety applications. The enclosures offer a variety of connection options and are designed to handle voltages up to 8kV and currents up to 500 amps.


The HV4X series of increased safety (Exe) high voltage termination enclosures feature a single door style with clamped cover and are available in stainless steel 316L or 304. The 1 x 1 connection series is designed for shielded or unshielded cables up to 8kV at 500A, while the 2 x 2 connection series is designed for two parallel unshielded cables up to 2kV at 1kA total. The HV4X series is offered in sizes (HxWxD) from 24"x12"x6" to 60"x36"x16" for the 1 x 1 connection series, and 20"x20"x8" to 60"x36"x10" for the 2 x 2 connection series.


The XHVX series of high voltage termination enclosures are designed for use in explosionproof / flameproof applications. Using Adalet's standard cast aluminum explosionproof junction boxes, the XHVX enclosures include the same connection options and the HV4X enclosure and are approved for use in Division 1 & Zone 1 applications which require explosionproof / flameproof ratings. XHVX enclosures carry an IP66 rating and designed for high voltage applications with maximum electrical ratings of 8kV and 1,000 amps.


Adalet, a Scott Fetzer Company, is a leading manufacturer of explosionproof enclosure systems and cable accessories, enclosure thermal management products and industrial NEMA rated sheet metal enclosures and related accessories. We offer custom modification as well as standard products for more than 80 years. The company holds certification under ISO-9001 International Standards for Quality Management. Adalet markets a broad line of industrial and explosionproof enclosure systems ranging from junction boxes, control stations, instrument and meter housings, increased safety terminal enclosures, panelboards and motor starters to mining couplers, pilot devices, cable fittings and other accessories.