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  1. Products
    We offer a wide range of explosion proof enclosures, industrial sheet metal enclosures and fittings. Please browse our online catalog for a... Read More
    1. Explosion-proof & Dust-Tight Enclosures
    2. Increased Safety Enclosures
    3. Industrial Electrical Enclosures
    4. Explosion-proof Instrument Housings
    5. Explosion-proof Motor Control
    6. Dust-Tight & Explosion-proof Panel Boards
    7. Explosion-proof Meter Housings
    8. PLM Couplers
    9. Explosion-proof Auxiliary Devices
    10. Non-Hazardous Cable Fittings
    11. Explosion Proof Fittings & Accessories
  2. Drawings
    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Please use the links below to access the appropriate CAD... Read More
    1. AVSS(6) Drawings
    2. JN4XHSS(6) Drawings
    3. JN4XSS(6) Drawings
    4. Motor Control
    5. N4X(6) Drawings
    6. Operators & Switches
    7. PLM & Cable Couplers
    8. TN4X(6) Drawings
    9. TSC4X(6) Drawings
    10. VC4X(6)Drawings
    11. XCE - XJF Drawings
    12. XIH & XDH Drawings
    13. XIHM & XDHM Drawings
    14. XIHL & XDHL Drawings
  3. Resources
    We have created an information rich website and hope you will find it convenient and easy to navigate. Please feel free to contact us if you... Read More
    1. Terms & Conditions of Sale
    2. About Adalet
    3. Strategic Acquisitions
    4. Conflict Minerals Policy
    5. Events
    6. Sheet Metal & Non Metallic Stock List
    7. Atex Directive
    8. What is Increased Safety?
    9. Job Opportunities
    10. Partners
    11. Material Safety Data Sheets
  4. Product Certifications
    Adalet carries the broadest line of explosion proof and flame proof enclosures for use in hazardous locations throughout the world. Providing... Read More
  5. Literature
    Adalet offers the most extensive line of enclosures and fittings to the hazardous and non-hazardous environment markets. Our engineered... Read More
  6. Rep Locator
    Adalet has an extensive and well trained rep force ready to assist you in your product selection and procurement. Please use the interactive map... Read More
  7. News
  8. PLM
    The Leading Coupler in the Mining Industry History PLM products began in 1951 as a supplier of cable accessories for high voltage cables.... Read More